Welcome our three new board members

What does it mean when we say that, at Oregon’s Health CO-OP, you are the ones that drive us forward? In the beginning, it meant that we went around the state, asked Oregonians to tell us what you wanted from health insurance, then built our plans to reflect your wishes. Flash forward to the present, and it means that our board of directors is now made up by a majority of CO-OP members. 

Say hello to Bjorn Borstelmann, Hilary Bradbury, and Andrew Kyler. 

When we first announced upcoming member elections, we were excited at the response and interest. With the elections complete and our three new board members in the mix, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Not only are our new members fantastic people, but they bring amazing amounts of excitement and insight to the table.

The insurance industry is ripe for innovation. I believe that Oregon’s Health CO-OP will be the catalyst for a health care revolution.” (Bjorn Borstelmann)

Mr. Borstelmann’s candor is matched only by his enthusiasm. As a self-described “serial entrepreneur” and professional in the world of marketing, branding and communications, we look forward to seeking his input and leadership around large and small communications efforts, from how we present ourselves in the world, to enhancing the way we engage with people across different technologies.

I see Oregon’s Health CO-OP as a game changer in the health care arena. I want to help them grow sustainably and smartly.” (Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D)

Among Ms. Bradbury’s many passions include a keen interest in creating healthier communities on a person-to-person, and organizational level. She will play a major role in how we reach out to people and businesses across the state. Ms. Bradbury will also be a key influence as we live up to our organizational vision, which sees good health–and the best in health care–as part of a much larger web.

“What excites me most is being able to support a model of health insurance that actually listens to its members.” (Andrew Kyler)

With Mr. Kyler, we’ll tap into his three-plus decades of experience in health care, while benefiting from his individual compassion. During his long career, he’s worked directly with providers to support the needs of people across the health continuum, most recently as CEO of Care Partners, a hospice and palliative care community non-profit. And he’s a fourth-generation Oregonian, which makes him a perfect champion for health insurance born in the state.

Say hello, and share your voice!

Be sure to introduce yourself and share your ideas with our new board members when you see them at an upcoming event. They’re here to represent all members of Oregon’s Health CO-OP.

See what our new board members had to say about being part of Oregon’s Health CO-OP