Still need health insurance? Oregon’s Health CO-OP has extended its deadline.

Good news if you’re still looking for health insurance that starts on January 1, 2015. Oregon’s Health CO-OP has pushed the enrollment deadline back to midnight December 31st, effectively giving people more time during the busy winter season.

What this means for you

If you plan to purchase health insurance directly through Oregon’s Health CO-OP, you can still enroll for January 1 coverage. Payment and enrollment information need to be received by midnight December 31st.There are three easy and time-saving ways to do it:

Why an extension?

The new date gives individuals, families and employer groups more time to shop for the right plan during the busy holiday season. The extension is only for those who purchase their health insurance directly with Oregon’s Health CO-OP, and not through the federal exchange. Please remember, to get federal assistance to help pay for your premiums, you will need to enroll through

Are there any other changes we should be aware of?

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