Keeping things simple for businesses and brokers

100% OregonianSmall businesses are the lifeblood of Oregon’s economy. According to Employment Department labor stats, nearly 40% of Oregon’s workforce works for companies of 50 or fewer people. Supporting this entrepreneurial spirit is important to Oregon’s Health CO-OP.

One of our goals is to be innovative, to offer plans that meet the needs of our members by covering benefits that will better their health.

To keep things smooth for businesses, we start with strong relationships with brokers

Health insurance brokers are truly the unsung heroes in the entire industry. You see, one of the goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to simplify the health insurance market so individuals and groups could navigate things more easily. While some things are simpler, people and businesses still have questions and moments of frustration. When people need answers, they turn toward their brokers to help them sort through the maze.

We know how important these relationships are. We especially appreciate brokers who are with their clients through the long run—who sit down with clients in the beginning, listen to the client’s needs, move at their pace during the decision process, and answer their questions, reply to emails, and pick up the phone on the client’s behalf when there are challenges.

To foster these relationships, we keep things simple for brokers and businesses

Simplicity is built right into our plan designs. SiMPLE plans, for instance, are unique compared to other plan types on the market. With flat dollar copays, zero deductibles and no coinsurance, customers know exactly what they’re getting. They’ll never receive a bill full of “mystery costs” based on some percentage of some number they don’t understand.

Do challenges happen? Yes, they do. And that’s the second part of our simplicity pledge. In moments when customers turn to you for answers, you can pick up the phone at any time and get in touch with us for answers and explanations. We’ll always provide you with the information you need, and we’ll always listen to the concerns you bring us on behalf of the businesses you’re supporting.