CEO Dr. Ralph Prows Tells “AM Northwest” What Makes the CO-OP Different

Health insurance in Oregon is not all the same. Just ask Oregon’s Health CO-OP CEO Dr. Ralph Prows as local talk show hosts Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson did.

During a recent appearance on the popular morning show “AM Northwest,” Dr. Prows detailed three key benefits when asked what separates the CO-OP from other carriers in the state. And there was no mystery in how these differences came about. “We actually went out and listened to Oregonians,” said Dr. Prows, “and asked what matters to them.”

Their feedback was surprisingly simple. Just remove the common health insurance barriers so Oregonians are empowered to take charge of their health. Eliminating deductibles and co-insurance as well as offering the option to choose a naturopath as a patient’s primary care physician were all the result of those conversations Dr. Prows and the CO-OP staff had with people around the state.

Listen to what Dr. Prows tells his hosts and also learn how CO-OP members get paid up to $300 to learn more about their health.